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About me

At the University of Oregon

Hi, I'm Nikki! I graduated from the University of Oregon in 2013, and last year I moved down to Phoenix, Arizona to open a gaming bar! Currently, I'm looking for some part-time work or projects in the area.

I love programming - as a hobby, educationally, and professionally. I'm most motivated when I'm learning new things, and I've picked up a lot about the various aspects of web development and design over the years. I like to do a lot of everything!

Digital painting is another one of my hobbies. You can see some of my art on my art portfolio.


Recently, a few of my projects from the University of Oregon were mentioned on Typekit's blog, including my own designs on the English and Cinema Studies websites: Check out the article here!

CAS WordPress Framework

Thumbnail of CAS website

Responsive WordPress theme framework for the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) at the University of Oregon.

I was responsible for creating a framework for the new CAS theme using designs provided by the college.

Shukumei 2.0

Thumbnail of Shukumei 2.0

"View-Controller" framework and example website.

This project is a framework inspired by the model-view-controller architecture; however, to conform to the project requirements, models were not included. This was a solo project.

Cool Compiler

Compiler for the Cool 2013 programming language.

This compiler is the project for my 10-week compiler construction course. It utilizes the PLY (Python-Lex-Yacc) package, as well as Clang and LLVM for machine code generation.


Open source batch PNG compressor

The previously single-threaded version of this software was very slow, and the UI was unresponsive while processing. My contributions solved these issues by adding multiple threads. These additions required several code tweaks to avoid race conditions and detect background process completion.

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